Alternative Treatments for Cancer,
Medical Recovery Respite
and Pain Relief Therapies
at the beautiful
Atlantis Salud-Health Spa-ReTreat.

If you’re looking for a trusted, experienced and accessible healthcare facility for Natural Therapies & Treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

Many providers promise much and fail to follow up. We are different – we help our clients get results with a combination not possible in other countries!
See for yourself in our videos and the links for cancer treatment.

The Atlantis team specializes in researching a customized solution to your problem and pioneering the best method of delivery. Our methodology can ensure the best combination of treatments against even the most drastic prognoses. Dr. Pablo, the leader of our team has over 16 years of experience in fully-committed cancer research and has trained medical staff assisting him.

7 Days of video’s, One a day to avoid Info Overload!

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The only health facility dedicated to giving you a choice, and making sure what choice you make, is done for the best possible outcome.

I am an Adventist and with gods good book in one hand,
I ask God to strengthen all products and target your health condition with his power of healing.
May God guide you to find what you are looking for.

We offer weekly respite accommodation with options of IV Treatments, hyperbaric oxygen, all good for your recovery and a whole lot more,
contact us if you are a local Ex-Pat looking for that type of care.

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You can do our program in the comfort of home,
using our weekly instructions and phone consultations.
We review the reports and blood work and write-design the program and supply all products to your door.

YOUTUBE VIDEO Explains it all better.
See last 4 Videos for a better understanding here


Or book now for our Retreat-based two or three-month programs.
Best Results, Best Outcomes and Best Therapies and all with no stress and great location. See Images Below!

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Day 1 - 7 Days of Cancer Education

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If you like what we offer and want to avail the winning combination that we have fine-tuned over 18 years, don’t waste another minute, get started.

YES, 4 Programs on offer… Starting December. 2017.

This is an at home program, and everything is supplied, we give typed instructions and guide you. A low-cost program for those who also are doing the traditional treatments on offer, or undergoing surgery.

For those wanting to do everything possible from home. This program offers six months at home all inclusive, products and advice. Designed for people with cancer only.

You come to our facilities…
A beautiful little home on the beach at our new Health-ReTreat Spa with 24-hour care. Everything available in a system that has evolved over 16 years will be applied to your case to help you recover.
The added Hyperbaric Chamber, Magnetic Pulse Therapy, Q2 Energy Spa, Rife Therapy, Daily IV Treatments…
Incredible combination all just for your treatment.


This program, We come to you…
As long as you have the medical team, I will explain to them the what to do, when to do it and how long to do it to save your life based on my years on hands on experience….


The USA and Canada Toll-Free Call 1877 891 1368 Toll-Free
Australia WA  (08) 9468 8916
Australia Eastern States (07) 3103 3885

Ruta Spondylus via Olon Junto a Condominio Playa Blanca
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Always read our disclaimer  – For Your Information Links below,
and seek indipendent medicle advice
before considering Alternative Theraies.
All practitioners & medicle staff speak English

Most Common Question. Flight Costs?
In most cases, flights cost $1000 to $1,750 Return PP
From the airport pick up to the ReTreat and back again,
all expenses are included in the program costs.
The longist distance, Australia, you sleep the night away, after a few hours into the flight, then you wake up and a few hours after that, you land in Chilli. After a good full night sleep.
You arrive 6 to 8 hours before you left the same day… Crazzy yes?
You then stay the night in Chilli to rest, or after a lunch or dinner and a couple of hours rest, you have a short flight to Ecuador.

Arrival must be anytime the 7 days before the starting of the 21 day program…
Arrival time is not important, because we can put you in a nice motel for the night,
if you arrive very late afternoon or evaning. Then in a nice new Car, you enjoy the antisipation and arrive at your destination Atlantis.