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A Health facility that understands Alternative Treatments and can deliver on them?
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The team at Atlantis are researching the research, finding the best combinations, and evolving a delivery system that we think gives the health challenge the lowest chance of surviving, DrPablo has over 16 years off commitment to cancer research.

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The Top 5 Therapies, to name a few, click the links below:
1: Laetrile-Vitamin B17
2: Medical Grade Hemp Therapy
3: Ozone, DMSO & Vitamin C Therapy
4: High PH Therapy also called Cesium Therapy
5: GcMAF Immune Therapy
and complemented with a good diet, Eat To Your Blood Type
and Nutrition based on your needs and the needs of the therapies your doing.

In an ALL – IN – ONE Program,
you do at home with our weekly instructions and phone consultations,
or book in now for our ReTreat 2 and 3 month programs.

Day 1 - 7 Days of Cancer Education

Call for a free phone consult today on 1-877-891-1368 USA-Canada Toll Free
If you like what we offer,
and want to do the winning combination that we have fine tuned over 16 years,
you start with the therapies at home, then travel once your immune system is protected and stronger.

The home program offers
Daily calls via Skype or WhatsApp and written instructions.
24 Hour Assistance for members as needed.

The in clinic program offers
All the listed therapies in house, all IV, at our location.
24 Hour Nurses, a doctor and experienced practitioners..

Please see our
Video’s and Summery Of Therapies
to understand our program.
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