Chelation Therapy

Chelatichelation-treatment-therapy-detox-cancer-treatmenton (pronounced KEY-LAY-SHUN) is the process by which a metal or mineral (such as calcium, lead, cadmium, iron, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) is bonded to another substance, in this case EDTA, an amino acid. It is a natural process, basic to life itself.
Chelation is one mechanism by which such common substances as aspirin, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals and trace elements work in the body.
Hemoglobin, the red pigment in blood which carries oxygen, is a chelate of iron.


What is EDTA?
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, widely abbreviated as EDTA, is an amino poly carboxylic acid and a colorless, water-soluble solid.
EDTA is used to bind metal ions in the practice of chelation therapy, e.g. for treating mercury and lead poisoning. It is used in a similar manner to remove excess iron from the body.
This therapy is used to treat the complication of repeated blood transfusions, as would be applied to treat thalassaemia. The U.S. FDA approved the use of EDTA for lead poisoning on July 16, 1953, under the brand name of Versenate.

How it works?
Chelation is a treatment by which a small amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (commonly abbreviated EDTA) is slowly administered to a patient intravenously over several hours, prescribed by and under the supervision of, a licensed health care practitioner.
The IV fluid containing EDTA is infused through a small needle placed in the vein of a patient’s arm. The EDTA infusion bonds with unbalanced metals in the body and quickly redistributes them in a healthy way, or carries them away in the urine.
Abnormally situated nutritional metals, such as iron, along with toxic elements such as lead, mercury and aluminum, are easily removed by EDTA chelation therapy. Normally present minerals and trace elements which are essential for health are more tightly bound within the body and can be maintained with a properly balanced nutritional supplement.
Ref: Elmer M. Cranton, M.D

Chelation Therapy- Treatment of Cancer:

A recently published article from the University Of Zurich in Switzerland reported an 18-year follow-up of a group of 56 chelation therapy patients. When comparing the death rate from cancer with that of a control group of patients who did not receive chelation therapy, the authors found that patients who received EDTA chelation therapy had a 90% reduction of cancer deaths.
Ref: Elmer M. Cranton, M.D

Chelation Therapy- Alternative of Many Other Procedures:

Figure 1: EDTA- Structural Formula

Figure 1: EDTA- Structural Formula

Chelation therapy is non-invasive therapy is very much safer and far less expensive than surgery or angioplasty. It is a safe and effective alternative to
• Bypass surgery
• Angioplasty
• Stents.




Hardening of the arteries need not lead to coronary bypass surgery, heart attack, amputation, stroke, or senility. There is new hope for victims of these and other related diseases.
Despite what you may have heard from other sources, EDTA chelation therapy, administered by a properly trained practitioner, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, prudent diet, and nutritional supplements, is an option to be seriously considered by persons suffering from coronary artery disease, cerebral vascular disease, brain disorders resulting from circulatory disturbances, generalized hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis, also called arteriosclerosis) and related ailments which can lead to stroke, heart attack, senility, gangrene, and accelerated physical decline.
Ref: Elmer M. Cranton, M.D
Doctor’s Advice & Paul Rana’s Review
When we discussed Chelation Therapy with Dr. Paul, who has 15 years of experience with Alternating Cancer Therapies, he explained its crucial role in cancer treatment. He said it works synergistically with other Alternative Cancer Therapies and helps give the best results. The better circulation, the improved oxygen uptake, in fact it is a great preventative and a must do annually for those over 50 years old in my opinion.

Having an immune system running on all cylinders makes sense, looking at cancer like a race; you want everything to operating at an optimum level. Even the best new car will not run without a $2.50 spark plug. Although this service needs to be done 3 times a week for several weeks, the amount used is tiny and just as important to the body as a little spark plug is to a car.

Combining therapies is our point of difference, and when we have the trial of 100 people, you will see also what we believe; our point of difference is outstanding results.

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