We were operating at a Temp Location with 4 rooms for clients.
This health spa went great and the day services were used to teach future staff our programs.
That was great and we helped some people for free. It gave great joy and experience to some future staff who volunteered


Update August 2016 Here is a video of the planed site : YouTube Video of Planed Site of the Cancer Facility


Our next goal…
We are purchasing land and with this land we want to raise money to build an Alternative Therapies Health ReTreat with 100 beds.
There are 4 ways you can get involved:
No 1) If you have a portfolio or are interested in investing in the project, contact us, share are available in security lots from just under $2000 and this price will increase in each round. There are 10 rounds.

No 2) Buy land in the new Atlantis Estate and all the land purchase price goes to the project.

No3) Crowd Funding Project: Make a donation and yes we have benefits for you, CLICK HERE for details… coming soon!

No 4) Link to our website, promote us on face-book and talk about us in your blog post…

1) Shares for sale
Our first goal was to fund the trip here and some equipment. WE DONE IT THANKS TO YOU!
Now for the next step.
First in best dressed – get the best price, The updated plan = Round 1 shares for sale now.
Contact us for the Share Offer Document
This is a rear opportunity to make an investment early in this start up company. The expected returns are 100% per year in 3 years for those who buy in early!
A Block of Shares are available from $800 plus an admin fee of $100 per order, once that group are sold, the share price will increase.
Contact us for the Investment Booklet for all the details and to give you a true understanding.
2) Retirement / Holiday / Live in home investment
We have a number of large blocks available, contact us for the 50 page investor booklet. A covenant on theserenity and yoga practicing at sunset, meditation land insures your investment and quality of surrounding homes. The homes if you wish may be rented out to visitors, staff and clients/holidays at the going rate of this style of accommodation from $1500 a month long term or $2000 a month short term. A $100 a month maintenance fee covers all water, electricity and gas. The only other cost is land tax and that is around $150.00 a year.
Special terms available are $52,000 USD deposit and $52,000 financed over 2 years interest free for the home, at which times the home you designed or choose will begin being built. Building time is around 3 months. The balance depending on the size can be financed at 10% interest over 5 years. CLICK HERE for DETAILS


Details of Crowd Funding and Special Links for you to add to your website are coming soon.


IV Treatment of DMSO and Laetrile

We are starting this Company as a
Health Spa, 
Help us build a 100 Bed Health ReTreat

Once the funding is all in, we will commence the building of a
100 Bed Alternative Medical & Alternative Health Practitioner Retreat
This will be built on the 200 acres we would have purchased (under contract)
This state of the art facility will be the first of its kind,
giving people a real choice with top of the line machinery for
Cancer Treatments 90 Days Programs
Mobility Recovery 60 Day Programs

So what are you waiting for,
give us a call or fill in the contact us page now!

USA-Canada Toll Free 1-877-891-1368

Phone +59342060210

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