This is a diagnostic system and Iridologists have a theory that states that every bodily organ corresponds to a location on the iris (the coloured portion of the eye surrounding the pupil) and its structure. ATLANTIS believes in this theory.
According to iridology theory, the iris serves as a map of the body and gives warning signs of physical, mental, and spiritual issues.

Iridology may produce information in the following areas:iridology_chart
The strengths or weaknesses of organs, glands and tissues and the relative amounts of toxins within them
• Whether an individual has a strong or weak constitution
• The influence of an organ on another organ’s contribution to an illness in other parts of the body
• Lymphatic system congestion
• Illness resistance, recovery capacity and health levels
• A preview of toxin accumulation and general health levels
• Meditation and emotional support

This program is an excellent way for those seeking serenity and calm in life; which are often challenging in today’s hectic lifestyle. A Practitioner is given key skills to assist you with these programs. Since all individuals are different; we believe that different approaches to traumas, life’s disappointments, and life’s challenges are needed. We offer many concepts and options…


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