Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Viewing, sometimes referred to as Live Blood Analysis (LBA) or live cell analysis, is a process in alternative medicine involving high-resolution observation which uses a fresh drop of blood from the patient’s finger. Viewed under a special microscope using a dark field condenser (dark field microscopy), the blood sample is illuminated making the various components of the cell phosphorescent which are not visible under a normal light microscope.

All the living components of the blood are clearly seen, and can be viewed by the patient and therapist using our video camera and a large monitor. This technique provides information about the state of the immune system, possible vitamin deficiencies, amount of toxicity, pH and mineral imbalances, fungus and yeast or any other weaknesses or concerns. It may also determine a lack of oxygen in the blood and low trace minerals. The major benefit is that clients can actually see the improvements in their own blood over time, increasing their confidence and motivation to stay on the program. Seeing is believing!










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