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Sally here from Atlantis Salud Spa,

I hope you are doing well!

We have great news to share!  (See the images below)
We are now in our new location and can offer accommodation with 24-hour care and treatments as required.

AND a free flight! YES a free ticket from Australia or the USA so act quickly!

These are the special Prices
Act quick as each offer has a limit for 3 people July Only!
Arrive In July
  • $7,750 Get Started Program is now reduced to $2,750 plus $110 PayPal payment a month or $5,750 all up, over 3 months of products, 2 therapies.

The above program has been added this year for those who want to see how we work or if you want to fill your body with anti-cancer products before and after surgery.

  • Aggressive all-inclusive 10 therapies at home
    $27k 6-month Program NOW ONE MORE MONTH ONLY $20,000

    All products included for 6 months. Some conditions apply if you wish to do more then the STD amounts.
    EG you have lots of bone cancer you may use more GcMAF or choose High pH treatment…
  • In-Clinic 3-Month Program was $59,000 –
    Thanks to our suppliers help, we have reduced the price without cutting the 10 therapies.
This Price is for the FIRST 3 People who choose to come to Atlantis – offering the best available combination available.
At a Beach Health ReTreat in Ecuador Playas Salud Spa!

The price! not the service is reduced to…

$20,000 Month One  –  $15,000 Month Two  –  $10,000 Month Three
3 Months comes with a guarantee, after 3 months at home if you still have cancer, return for another 3 months for free,
just pay for the room, $2000 per month per person!

You will have a personally designed program that includes, but not limited to:
Mineral Therapy 

Vitamin B17 Therapy
Vitamin C Therapy
Plasma Therapy with:
(a) GcMAF Inhanced
(b) Ozonated Plazma
(c) DMSO & MSM Inhanced Plasma

GcMAF = Oral and IV and injected around the cancer site

HIGH pH Therapy done as an IV Treatment.
15 Minerals that cause cancer apoptosis quickly
in cancer located in the upper body,
mouth and all the head, and in the whole body with bone and connective tissue.
This is a non immunotherapy that has until GcMAF produced the best results in all cancer types when done correctly as an IV treatment!
Only for large cell cancers.

Exclusively Only Available by Dr Pablo now Available At Atlantis Salud Spa.

Those doctors giving 1 gram of cesium in the Vit C drip are not doing High pH Therapy.
Although they promote it as cesium therapy, it is NOT!
It should be a combination of 15 minerals and a special formula
researched by Keith Brewer who reported having 95% cure rate
and Dr Pablo has all his notes and
has fine tuned the therapy over 10 years.
With only positive results!

We all love our job at Atlantis and you will feel the determination
to help you from the first day you arrive.

God bless you all until we catch up…



Female nurse offering to fill in medical form

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