For those wanting to work with us, Ecuador Visas and residency
There are a number of ways to become an Ecuadorian resident, and the process is fairly straightforward. Although you submit your immigrant-status visa application at the Ecuadorian consulate nearest to your former residence, it is in fact approved through the Ministry of Foreign Relations, so expect the approval process to take six to eight weeks. Visa applications for your dependents, however, can be processed directly by the Ecuadorian consulate once your application has been approved.
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We strongly advise that you hire an Ecuadorian immigration attorney to help you navigate the residency process. In our experience, this will save you considerable time and stress. Here are some of the more popular visas:
Tourist visa:
When you enter Ecuador you will receive a passport stamp, commonly called a T-3, allowing you to stay in the country for 90 days within a one-year period from your date of entry. Because of changes in Ecuador’s new constitution, residents of all countries, not just those from North America, Europe and other Latin American countries, receive the stamp.
9-I: Pensioner Visa
For retired persons who receive pensions from their native countries (pension from a stable source, of at least $800 per month). This includes Social Security or other government or private retirement sources, an annuity or income from a trust.
9-II: Investor of Real Estate or Securities Visa
This is for real estate and securities investors who are investing at least $25,000.
9-III: Industrial Investor Visa
This is for investors in industry, or investors who wish to export agricultural products, livestock, or minerals, provided they bring capital of at least $30,000.
Ecuador Excellent, affordable health care
One of the great perks for foreign residents living in Ecuador is high-quality, low-cost health care. Here, you will receive personal attention from medical practitioners not seen in the U.S. since the 1960s. An Internet comparison of health care costs from around the world found that Ecuador’s costs are lowest—lower than in China, Malaysia, India, Mexico, and Panama.
A visit to a general practitioner costs $25 to $35 while a visit to a specialist runs $30 to $40. A psychiatrist will charge $30 to $50 for a half-hour session. Simple, ambulatory procedures are equally inexpensive. For example, the removal of a small lump (under local anesthesia), and a biopsy, costs about $125. Brand name medicines usually cost less than in the U.S. Generics, which are widely available, are also much cheaper.
Checking prices for dental care, cleaning costs $30 to $45. Cavity repairs and fillings cost $25 to $35. Partial plates cost $325 and a complete set of dentures costs about $900, including office visits, fittings, lab work, and impressions.

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