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Blood Work & Alternative Therapies
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Alternative Cancer Health Retreat
Natural Retreat Facility
With nice accommodation & if needed 24 Hour Care

If traditional treatments fail,
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Let our team take away the confusion
Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respite and Pain Relief Treatment
at the Beautiful Atlantis-Salud-Spa.com 
Atlantis Salud Animal Department
We sponsor = Rescue American Native Animals
and Support Street Animal Feeding, Sterilization and Care Programs
This program is largely headed up by Karina who is involved in the rescue and rehabilitation as well as feeding street animals.
Pablo also is dedicated to the protection of animals, with his main interest in native animals.
Atlantis Expansion Program includes a rehabilitation area and breading and protecting Native Animals.
Pablo is so committed to this, that in 1995, when he started having dreams about this project you are reading about now, he changed his name from O'Hehir to RANA. Rana stands for Rescue American Native Animals and that is the Facebook page, detailed below.
Pelican Rescue in Montañita
This Pelican had a broken wing, that Dr. Pablo removed.
The Pelican was then handed over to a local facility to live a happy life with other Pelican that miss judged the surf while using the waved to glide. Once in the wave the tumble often causes wing damage.
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