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Alternative Cancer Health Retreat

Natural Retreat Facility With nice accommodation & if needed 24 Hour Care

If traditional treatments fail, you may have other options, contact us for a Free Consultation today?

Let our team take away the confusion Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respite and Pain Relief Treatment at the Beautiful

We offer an in-home personal care service

Often you can find yourself alone and in need for home help while recovering. Dr Pablo was in this country around 5 years ago, and found himself with an injury and restricted to a wheelchair for 6 months...

So now on the coast is a new option, if you choose us for respite recovery and when we agree you are ready, we return you to your local home and can in some areas deliver food, personal hygiene care such as shower support. We can also assist with washing clothes, house cleaning etc.

Includes food and 24-hour nurse care in a private room. Blood tests, scans, medication and special needs extra. At home care can be supplies at around half that price, depending on your needs.


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