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Blood Work & Alternative Therapies
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Alternative Cancer Health ReTreat
Natural ReTreat Facility
With nice accommodation & if needed 24 Hour Care

If traditional treatments fail,
you may have other options, contact us for a Free Consultation today?
Let our team take away the confusion
Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respiteand Pain Relief Treatment
at the Beautiful Atlantis-Salud-Spa.com 
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Natural ReTreat Facility - Wellness Spa
With nice accomodation & 24 Hour Care
Combines The Best International Therapies
30 min Quick Overview of Program Choice
& ReTreat Facility Programs
60 min Detail Overview and Therapies in detail
Program Choice Short Overview
We have an option for matasisized cancers!
If traditional Doctors & system have failed or given up on you, make contact now!

Don't put it off any longer!

Lymphatic Cancers, Lymphoma and all Cancers located above the rib cage and fast growing.
Also Prostate, Bone & Breast Cancer Programs
If you like what we offer and want to avail the winning combination that we have fine-tuned over 18 years,
don’t waste another minute, register on the link for a Free Consultation! Today...
At home or Health Retreat Holiday Programs
Pre & Post Surgery
At Home Program
Get started program designed for you, includes 2 months of products, you buy plus products ongoing as needed.Includes 2 to 3 months of products, depending on personal needs
One to Three Months
This program is done with us.
In Spa 6 Days a week x 2 weeks,
twice total 24 days of IV
Arrive week before, we do blood tests, scan tests & Port is fitted,
rest weekend.
Then Mon – Sat  for 2 weeks, then week rest then Mon – Sat  for 2 weeks!
Three Days a Week 4-5 weeks
This program is done with us at Atlantis. 3 Days Per Week  
Monday Wednesday Friday Only.
Arrive week before, we do blood tests, scan tests & Port is fitted,
rest weekend.
Mon Wed Fri  for 2 weeks, then week rest then Repeat!
5 weeks with the week between!
Up to 3 times.
Three Month Best Option
14 days every day! week off then again!
Arrive week before, we do blood tests, scan tests & Port is fitted, rest that weekend.

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