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doTERRA Essential Oils
Not just any oil, safe, organic,
and sourced from the country of origin.
Atlantis Salud Spa not only recommend oils for wellness, we include them this month as an added Free Bonus in your program.

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Experience the power of doTERRA essential oils and products through the Natural Solutions Enrollment Kit. This kit is a perfect companion to assist with healthy living goals and to help boost vitality.*

Essential Oils:
10 mL bottles:

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Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, doTERRA On Guard®, Frankincense, Melaleuca, Wild Orange, doTERRA Balance®, DigestZen®, AromaTouch®, doTERRA Serenity®, doTERRA Breathe®

doTERRA On Guard® Collection:
doTERRA On Guard Beadlets, doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste, doTERRA On Guard Hand Wash with 2 Dispensers, doTERRA On Guard Sanitizer Spray , doTERRA On Guard Softgels

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Members of our program receive the following Bonus
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Essential Oils:
Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard®, Deep Blue® (5 ml)

Other Products:
Petal Diffuser, The doTERRA Essentials Booklet
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GX Assist®, PB Assist®+,
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The doTERRA Essentials Booklet
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AromaTouch Kit:
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doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, doTERRA On Guard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint

Other Products:
Fractionated Coconut Oil
(4 oz), Petal Diffuser,
The doTERRA Essentials Booklet
Details of some oil Supplement Combination
Pure frankincense was treasured by the ancients and considered to be worth its weight in gold. Now you can experience it in its purest form:
* Potent balancer of inflammation,6 which many researchers now believe to be the trigger behind most, if not all, chronic disease.7
* Witnessed in clinical studies to potentially reverse effects of aging on the skin.8
* Great addition to any oral hygiene regimen
Lavender Maillette
Widely known for its enchanting fragrance, lavender possesses a wide range of additional benefits aside from being a pleasant natural air freshener:
* Clinically shown to improve sleep quality through inhalation9
* Witnessed in studies to close wounds faster and stimulate healing10
* Soothes skin abrasions and irritation
The natural compounds in eucalyptus that give it such a distinct and soothing smell make it useful for several therapeutic purposes:
* Shown to assist in clearing excess mucus and congestion11
* Supports the lungs
* Fosters better overall sinus and upper respiratory health
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)
Used as a medicinal extract for centuries, millions keep tea tree oil as a medicine cabinet staple for its numerous uses and benefits:
* Acts as natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent12
* Aids skin healing13
* Possesses anti-skin cancer properties14
Beloved for its cooling, and refreshing nature, peppermint has dozens of applications:
* Serves as drug-free headache remedy15
* Provides healthy digestion support
* Can be applied topically to sore muscles
Derived straight from fresh, organic lemon peel, essential lemon oil is a powerful therapeutic tool with a variety of uses:
* Contains D-Limonene, a clinically proven anti-cancer agent.16
* Encourages lymphatic health
* Supports a healthy immune response
The power of citrus fruits lies in their peel where the majority of their active compounds reside. Pure essential orange oil from organic peel is:
* Perfect addition to homemade cleaning solutions
* Potent antioxidant support
* Encourages a healthy immune system
Grapefruit Pink
Yet another botanical treasure from the citrus fruit family, grapefruit possesses a whole host of benefits as an essential oil:
* Supports a healthy metabolism
* Blood sugar support
* Offers lymphatic cleansing support
Geranium Rose
Aside from its beautiful flowers, geranium is a powerful tool when distilled into essential oil:
* Amazing alternative to chemical bug sprays. One study found it to repel 90% of ticks!17
* Stress support
* Promotes healthy hair and skin
Although it may not taste like it, oregano is actually a member of the mint family. And just like its cousin, it has some amazing abilities:
* Powerful promoter of a healthy immune system
* Natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal
* Allergy support
While you might associate clove with the smell and taste of holiday food and drink, clove oil actually has health benefits too:
* Researched as a viable oral anesthetic18
* Encourages overall mouth health
* Natural anti-microbial
Used in many traditional cuisines, rosemary is good for a lot more than flavoring:
* Natural anti-inflammatory
* Encourages healthy hair and skin
* Promotes relaxation

And these are just a few of the thousands of uses for these natural treasures!
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