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Alternative Cancer Health Retreat
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Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respite and Pain Relief Treatment
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Nutrition Range Here

This is a recommendation for everyone. In addition to the great range from Sisel, we also use other targeting nutrition designed for specific deceases.
SISEL Nutrition and Safe Personal Care Products

To buy SISEL nutrition and safe personal care products, please email us the following. Name, Phone, Date of Birth, Home Phone, Mobile, Address for deliveries.
We will open a direct account for you and send you the log in details. Change the password. Then you can order direct, as a distributor or a Direct Customer.

1) Full range of Safe Personal Care Items
2) Recommended Nutrition if on our program
3) Recommended for general wellbeing and anti-aging
4) A great weight loss range of products
5) A quality organic coffee range
In our program we include a range of SISEL Products because we believe they are a fantastic foundation for wellness, anti-aging and prevention of nutritional deficiencies.
SISEL SAFE Anti-Aging Beauty Range
In our program we recommend products that you put on your skin, must be certified safe personal care products, Not Cancer-Causing Ingredient. We believe SISEL is the range that is safe!
Washing Products and Dental Hygiene
Are also important that they are safe. Again, we choose Sisel. No.1 In safety.
What is special about our location?
Stable Government - Clean Coastline - Clean Swimming - Fresh Local Produce
Weather is nice today and better tomorrow.
Safe and Friendly - Amazing High-End Hospitals
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