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July 2018 Robotic Walking Machine
Coming Soon! 2019
Atlantis Salud is committed to recovery and anti aging.
As we age, sometimes we notice pain and possibly arthritic Symptoms.
It is time to talk with a doctor
who may recommend treatment or therapies that aid recovery.
Paraplegic, Stroke, Knee Reconstruction, Hip Replacement.
Atlantis combine, Locomat learn to walk again with peptide injections
and Robotic Walking Machines.
As you regrow mussel's, stimulate the brain, we assist the body with IV nutrition and hyperbaric oxygen.
Stroke and Paraplegic
We have programs to aid recovery and strengthen mussels.
The earlier you start to work on recovery we predict quicker results.
Combining Special IV products with hyperbaric oxygen, and walking stimulation!
Then add robotic freedom and walking again.
If you believe, if you have the internal commitment, lets see what is possible for you.

June 2018 Baileys Joins Atlantis Client Care
Bailey's  joins the team, June 2018 and in the first 2 weeks is undergoing puppy training.

He started out very obedient with-out training, so we know he will pass the test.

Clients love him and he gives a great cuddle, bringing smiles and kisses to all...
May 2018 What is a central line (PORT)
Sometimes this type of catheter is attached to a device called a port that will be under your skin. The port and catheter are put in place in a minor surgery.

The catheter helps carry nutrients and medicine into your body. It will also be used to take blood when you need to have blood tests. Having a port attached to your catheter will cause less wear and tear on your veins than just having the catheter.
What is the Purpose of a Central Venous Catheter and Port?

Catheters are used when you need medical treatment over a long period of time.
You can go home after your port is placed.

    You will be able to feel and see a quarter-sized bump under your skin where your port is.
    You may be a little sore for a few days after surgery.
    Once you have healed, your port should not hurt.

Taking Care of and Using Your Port
Talk to your health care provider, but most PORTS can stay in for 10 years.
You may require the port to be flushed every 3, 6 or 12 months with heparin and saline mix.

Email us on any topic you would like added.
IV Programs
Magnetic Pulse
Ultra Sound Scan
Live Blood Viewing
Health Food Diet
Salinas and Dos Mangas Way - Ruta Spondylus
Why this location?
Stable Government - Clean Coastline - Clean Swimming - Fresh Local Produce
Large Variety of Fruits & Veggies
Safe and Friendly - Amazing High End Hospitals
Quality well Trained and Internationally Experienced Medical Support
Fun Day Trips we take you out on your week off!
Always seek independent medical advice before considering Alternative Therapies.
Most Common Question. Flight Costs? In most cases, flights cost $1000 to $1,750 Return PP
From the airport pick up to the ReTreat and back again, all expenses for our program are included in the Program Costs.
All Programs to Atlantis Include Travel Insurance
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