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Atlantis Housing Community
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Atlantis X-Pats Development, Manglaraldo

Community living at its best, you will enjoy a walk-able lifestyle along landscaped pathway.

Only five minutes to a clean safe easy swimming beach and 10 minuets to the top surf capital of south America. A great tourist-holiday location.

Close by – dining, entertainment, shopping, schools, English Speaking Doctor, a hospital, transport and more.

On site, hydrotherapy pool, lap pool, gym, BBQ area’s basketball court, Squash courts and shops and restaurants.

This first stage, 15 homes, ½ overlooks the lake with others enjoying uninterrupted views of beautiful native bushland.

Why this Land?
1. The local area supports many local businesses. The area is always quite, with the beach area growing from around 5,000 people to 25 to 30,000 people in the peek seasons, around three months a year and another ½ dozen weekends are also busy long weekends.

2. Local upside, given rising demand & very tight local housing supply, the time to invest is now.

3. Tight vacancy rate at just 1.9%. Premium rental returns – We guarantee you 10% the first year and believe that is an ongoing reality. Having either short term or long term renters.

4. High X-Pat population growth looking for home like conditions in paradise, at a fraction of the price. Offered here.

5. The only development that has on site English doctor, Alternative Medicine Private Hospital, open to public consultations.
Close enough to join the beach parties,
beach walks and surf,
far enough away for the quiet,
beautiful bird-life, clean air and sea breeze.

• Walk to the shop, cafeteria and gym facilities
• Enjoy morning exercise in the hydrotherapy pool
• A few km to Montañita surf beach, shops and restaurants
• A perfect worm climate all year round with sea breezes most afternoons / evenings
• Quality made roads from the development to Guayaquil, a two hour drive
30 Blocks For Sale, Updated Design Coming Soon

A) Health and Wellness Facility
B) Aged Care facility
C) Animal shelter
D) Home Grown Organic Food

Waterfall and water features
Home designs
Basement - Underground shelter

Long Term Food Storage

Over 50s Section

Home Schooling with Teachers Guiding
What is special about our location?
Stable Government - Clean Coastline - Clean Swimming - Fresh Local Produce
Weather is nice today and better tomorrow.
Safe and Friendly - Amazing High End Hospitals
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