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Alternative Cancer Health Retreat
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If traditional treatments fail,
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Natural Therapies, Medical Recovery Respite and Pain Relief Treatment
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Educational Videos and Testimonial Video's
No one is paid or given benefit for sending in video's, results vary,
For legal reasons please see disclaimer and for your information links below at the bottom of this page
Alternative Therapies for Cancer can be hard to understand.
At Atlantis, we spend about an hour explaining how our system works
and how each therapy works on its own.
It is great if you have time to fully look at the below video’s because then when we talk all will be understood, what, why and how we move forward with the program.
Cured of Esophageal Cancer, Liver Cancer,
Sleep Apnea & Diabetes
Prostate Cancer Story PSA 49
Mantel cell Lymphoma
Lymphoma Testimonial
"Something people don't even know what they have lost."
Many years ago these special friends/people below gave me their video to calibrate the opening of my first clinic.
It is their stories and many others like them that drive me to bring about choice.
Laws change and for years we have not shown videos, but in the future we will start again as we believe it is freedom of speech and your right to part or all the information, these should be seen, although they do not guarantee results, they show that it is possible to win against the odds.
Video that gives an overview of our new Cancer Therapies in our program.
High PH Cesium Therapy for Cancer Explained in detail
Laetrile Vitamin B17 Cancer video, explaining how it works to KILL Cancer
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